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A Photographer's Story 

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Hi, I am Chris, 


physician, wildlife lover, conservationist, scuba diver and traveler.


Born in the late 80s in southern Germany I came into contact with nature through my parents at an early age. My diving career started when I was twelve years old and till this day I am impressed by the beauty and diversity of the underwater world.


Photography has been with me for almost as long. Initially underwater with a compact camera, and later on land with mirrorless cameras from Olympus and Sony. 

My passion is to capture the beauty and diversity of nature and to focus on lesser known species and regions. Through my work, I wish for people to regain connection to nature and life surrounding us.

In my photography, I aim to build bridges between art and documentation, reality and fiction.


I primarily have been working on my projects in the tropical regions of the world. My special focus is Central and South America, which I have been exploring since 2012.

The diversity and wildness of nature, and last but not least, people, have touched me so deeply that I have been returning there again and again.

In the last few years I have dealt extensively with nature conservation. The preservation of threatened ecosystems with particularly high biodiversity is important to me, but also networks of smaller protected areas which allow for migration routes of endangered animals and enable large-scale exchange of genetic material.

As a Central European, I know what it means to live in a landscape that has been changed by people for centuries. Enormous monocultures have markedly reduced biodiversity and biomass. Even more, I welcome measures that attempt to restore the original landscape to a greater extent through renaturation, like dam removal, or rewilding initiatives.


In the 21st century, I don't want to chase a utopia of pristine wilderness, but I want to give threatened ecosystems space in our highly developed world - and at the same time show people what needs to be protected and what beauty could be lost forever if we fail. 

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